Principles and Values

La Strada's Principles and Values

La Strada partners with our clients from start to finish. This enables us to remain one step ahead of the competition by developing and executing strategies that provide our clients with the highest return at the lowest overall cost. We stand by several principles on every job we take on:

Value Engineering
During the pre-construction process, we will assist in uncovering potential risks, as well as forecast extra work and achievable schedules. Our expertise in project management allows us to provide innovative solutions to any onsite or job specific obstacle. As a result, we have the ability to maximize the potential of every job we incur. La Strada is the team that you can rely on for value engineering, design, planning, and timely completion of your project.

Due Diligence
La Strada will also assist our customers during the planning of their jobs, reviewing plans, and in some cases, working with conceptual drawings to provide accurate budgets. This provides our customers the tools they need to decide whether a project is worth undertaking. In rare cases, projects prove to be not feasible and the customer walks away – this is part of the business. This due diligence is performed at no charge to our customers; we feel it is part of doing business the right way.

Safety is more than an attitude at La Strada. There is no job so important, nor any service so urgent, that we cannot take time to work safely. To this end, every effort is made in the interest of accident prevention and health preservation. We approach all projects with the same unwavering commitment to safety, ensuring that our employees, clients and the general public benefit from the highest standards of protection.